Kamis, 26 Mei 2011


Vision :
"Delivering Engineered Solutions Globally"
Mission :
"Quality, On-Time Delivery, Value Creation 
choreographed by Professionalism, Discipline and Care"
Corporate Philosophy:
Moving : 
To develop and advance our Group by focusing on the needs of our Customers, our people and all our Stakeholders
Our People : 
Our Strength : by clearly setting forth our Vision and Mission, we inspire our people to bring out their best to perform and succeed
Value : 
To continuously create value for our customers through our differentiated products and services to earn lasting respect and loyalty of our customers
Integrity :
On all fronts is our pillar of strength in all our efforts and undertakings
Nation :
To all the nations and communities, we uphold our corporate responsibilities through our social, economic, intelectual and environmental contribution
Growth :
To strive for sustainable and profitable growth to continuously enhance our Stakeholder values
Company History
PT Heksagon Tiwikrama is established in Jakarta, Indonesia on 14 September 1996.
PT Heksagon Tiwikrama is associated with Hexagon Group of Companies in Malaysia and it started its operation in 1 April 1997 specializing in supplying of Fluid Handling products.


PT Heksagon Tiwikrama presently is appointed as the Exclusive Distributor or Authorized Distributor for the following products : Thermoplastic 
I. Thermoplastic Products :
1. Asahi Organic Chemical Industry (Japan)
   Thermoplastic  PVC and CPVC for Valves, Pipes, Flanges & Fittings.
2. Agru (Austria)
   Thermoplastic HDPE, PP and PVDF for Valves, Pipes, Flanges & Fittings.
3. Harvel (USA)
   Thermoplastic PVC and CPVC for Pipes Schedule 40 and 80.
4. Spears (USA)
   Thermoplastic PVC and CPVC for Flanges, Fittings and Valves.
5. IPS (USA)
   Weld On Solvent Cements for PVC & CPVC 
6. SPEARS LabWaste CPVC Corrosive Waste Drainage System   
In year 2011, PT. Heksagon Tiwikrama has been appointed as the exclusive distributor or Authorized Distributor for product SPEARS LabWaste CPVC Corrosive Waste Drainage System (USA).     

Website :
     Asahi Organic Chemicals Industry : www.asahi-yukizai.co.jp/en/
     AGRU Kunststofftechnik GmbH : www.agru.at 
     Harvel Plastics, Inc : www.harvel.com 
     Spears Manufacturing Company : www.spearsmfg.com 
     IPS Weld.On : www.ipscorp.com

II. Construction Division :

In year 2005, PT Heksagon Tiwikrama venture into new business i.e. Construction of Petrol Station (SPBU) with the technical  collaboration and financial assistance from Hexagon Tower, Malaysia. 

In year 2006, PT Heksagon Tiwikrama successfully delivered the first SHELL Petrol Station in Mampang Prapatan, Jakarta.
In year 2007 delivered the first PETRONAS Petrol Station in Serpong, Tangerang, Banten.

III. LED Lights Solution
In early year 2010, PT. Heksagon Tiwikrama has been appointed as a distributor for LED Lights Solution by NEXUS  Solid-State Lighting Sdn. Bhd. (Malaysia).                   

Certification :

PT. Heksagon Tiwikrama has been approved by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance to following Quality Management System Standards :
ISO 9001 : 2008 
Certificate No. JKT6002871, 8 January 2008